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Glasby: 'I was like ‘what article is this?’

As an NRL player you’ve got to have a thick skin.

Fortunately for Tim Glasby, he does.

The phone call to make the Queensland Origin side in 2017 was one of the proudest memories of his career.

But it all could have been ruined by one harsh article that got tongues wagging.

Tim Who? Wrote the Telegraph.



As one of four debutants in a must win clash against the NSW Blues that year, Glasby’s selection copped criticism from the media.

Lucky for Glasby he was oblivious to the news article at the time.

“I honestly didn’t see it,” Glasby laughed.

“The first night in camp, we just had dinner and chilled out at the hotel.

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“The next day we were heading to do a light training run just to get moving after the previous week of footy and I had media and Val Holmes that afternoon.

“We were the main two for media and the others followed after.

“In the car on the way there, the media manager gave a briefing and said they’ll probably ask you about the Tim who article and just told me what to say.”

At that time, he had no idea what he was talking about.

He was busy training, enjoying camp and getting on with things.

“I was like what article is this?” Glasby questioned.

“I wasn’t reading papers or anything, so I had a quick google in the car on the way to do my media and I saw it.”

His first reaction…. It was funny.

He laughed it off, but it did affect some of his family members.

“I know a lot of people weren’t too happy about it,” he said.

“It wasn’t great for my folks they didn’t like reading that sort of thing.

“My wife wasn’t overly happy about it, but once she knew that I was ok with it, she was ok as well.

“Craig Bellamy at the Storm said a few things about it as well.

“There was a bit of reaction to it, but I just tried to ignore it and move on.”

With it though came a positive side.

A number of high-profile people came to his defence. People he admired.

It also put him in the spotlight.

“For the one bad article that was written, there were a lot of nice things said from people in the game whose opinions I take a lot more than I do whoever wrote the article,” Glasby commented.

“I took the positives and rolled with that.

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“I went from being a quiet achiever at the Storm to all of a sudden on everyone’s radar.

“I said to my mate I should buy a case to whoever wrote the article.

“It actually gave me a bit of airtime.

“That was someone’s opinion and that’s ok but what was nice was pretty high-profile people in the game saying nice things; it’s good to get that feedback.”