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The nib Newcastle Knights Indigenous jersey is much more than a piece of fabric to Ashley Gordon.

It’s his history. His legacy.

Above all, it represents his family’s story.

The fresh water turtle (top right) represents Gordon, a Kamilaroi man.

It is the totem of his people and his country.

“It represents my mother and my family, her upbringing. To bring her totem onto the Knights jersey means a lot to me,” Gordon said.

“It’s very symbolic. It’s not just a jersey now for me.”

The jersey also features the echidna.

This animal is significant to his family, told in a story by his family about the union of his parents.

“Dad had asked my mums mother and sisters for her hand in marriage. They declined at first. On leaving Walgett, at the time, five k’s out he spotted six echidnas,” Gordon explained.

“He caught them and brought them back because in those days they were quite nourishing. The sisters then were given the echidnas and changed their mind and excepted dads offer to marry mum.

“They mean a lot to us because if it wasn’t for those echidnas, I dare say they may not have got married.”

The bottom right represents Timana Tahu, a Barkindji man. The wedge tail eagle and dingo are the totems of his country and people.

The bottom left represents Owen Craigie, a Gomeroi man. The sand goanna and kangaroo are the totems of his country and people.

The top left represents Connor Watson, a Gamillaroi man. The sand goanna is also the totem of his country and people.


A backdrop of blue and green represents salt water and fresh water.

There is a golden river running behind all totems which runs through the players countries. This created a strong connection with them as brothers and culturally.

The white raised dots are representative of family and community from their place of origin and local aboriginal community ties.

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