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Ramien: I need to go looking for the ball

Jesse Ramien is preparing to roam.

With many nib Newcastle Knights supporters calling for the centre to get more ball, Ramien has countered the argument by saying he also needs to take responsibility.

That’s why you can expect to see a hungrier Ramien this week.

Headed to the Gold Coast to face the Titans on Sunday, the strike back declared his intention to get more involved in the game, whether it’s an early carry of floating to the other side of the field when the opportunity presents itself.

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“I’m pretty happy with the ball that I am getting,” Ramien said.

“I probably need to get in the game a bit more. I need to go looking for the ball as well and not just expect it to come to me.

“That’s an area I’d like to work on.”

It’s clear that Ramien is a potent strike weapon and he’s eager to contribute.

The 21-year-old has made 28 tackle breaks this season, the third most of any player in the game this season.

“Being an attacking player, I’d like to get more ball but that will come with he better we play as a team,” he said.

“If we all do our individual jobs, they will be able to get the ball out to me a bit more and I will like that.”

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Much of the blame for Ramien’s limited opportunities has been thrown at the halves but Ramien has rejected that notion.

Instead, he’s declared that everyone in the team needs to take more responsibility.

“It’s not just the halves,” he continued.

“We all need to take a bit of ownership, myself included.

“I don’t think we’re all doing our roles to the best of our ability. It’s an area we all need to improve on and once we do that we will improve.”

This weekend Ramien will square off against Tyrone Peachey.

A versatile player, Peachey is going to be a handful, a challenge Ramien is ready to tackle.

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“Peach is a competitor,” Ramien said.

“He’s an off the cuff competitor. He can do a bit of everything. It should be a good battle there.”