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Round 7 junior rep team lists

It's week seven of junior reps!

We're nearing the end of the season with just two rounds to go before the start of finals.

Here's the team lists for Round 7


The U18s will need to win this week for any chance of a finals appearance, just sitting outside the top eight.

Tune into 'Team List Tuesday'

The only change to the starting 13 is Sione Tuitupou-Kutu in to replace Tom Cant in the no. 11 jersey.

Bonowai Baledroadroka has been named on the extended bench and could have his first game back following shoulder surgery.

1. Logan Radzievic, 2. Trentham Petersen, 3. Malie-J Townsend, 4. Pat Achurch, 5. Tino Lui, 14. Max Buderus, 7. Kobe Davies, 8. Christian Ma'anaima, 9. Mitch Black, 10. Ryan Shaw, 11. Sione Tuitupou-Kutu, 12. Cooper Jenkins, 13. Tyler Doney. Interchange. 15. Harry Croker, 16. Ethan Campbell, 17. Bonowai Baledrokadroka, 18. Kane Evans, 22. Ryan Potts, 23. Callan Burgess, 24. Sam Kamu, 25. Kodi Crowther.

Saturday, 23rd March - Newcastle Knights v Central Coast Roosters at Dudley oval - 3pm

'You can see it from anywhere in the stadium'


Coach Scott Robinson hasn't made too many changes to his undefeated side.

Jacob Davis has come into the lock position in place of Lachlan Crouch, while Macauley Aoake is a new addition to the bench, returning after a leg injury.

1. Chris Veaila, 2. Brody Perry, 3. Travis Petersen, 4. Fletcher Myers, 5. Sean Walker, 6. Mitch Henderson, 7. Jonah Pezet, 8. Noah Reed, 9. Noah Nailagoliva, 10. Angus Crosbie, 22. Max Bradbury, 12. Oryn Keeley, 15. Jacob Davis. Interchange. 14. Taj Blackman, 16. Taj Ridley, 18. Macauley Aoake, 23. Beau Dwyer.

Saturday, 23rd March - Newcastle Knights v Central Coast Roosters at Dudley oval - 1.30pm


It's a top of the table clash this week with the second placed Knights taking on leaders the Illawarra Steelers.

The Big Questions: Who is your look-a-like?

Coach Josh Potapczyk was happy with his lineup from last week and has made no changes to his side.

1. Jorja Holden, 2. Ashlee Russell, 3. Petria Symington, 4. Jasmin Strange, 5. Carissa Harrison, 7. Joeli Morris, 8. Kayla Romaniuk, 9. Bree O'Neill, 10. Cody Campbell, 11. Olivia Kernick, 12. Caitlan Johnston. Interchange. 13. Tanaya Millar, 15. Jada Beale, 16. Ella Buteux, 17. Lily Hanning, 18. Taylor Bateman, 23. Zoe Coyne, 25. Naydine Wahanui.

Saturday, 23rd March - Newcastle Knights v Illawarra Steelers at Dudley oval - 4.30pm