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Maths teacher turned Knights icon

He's one of the most recognisable faces at nib Newcastle Knights games.

Well... sort of. It's not so much his face but more the face he wears.

He's the man in the Knights outfit.

Meet Dave. He's a passionate Knights supporter from New Lambton.

He's also a maths teacher... except for game day.

Fan profile: Behind the armour

Each home game, Dave dons his armour and walks 15 minutes to the ground, waving to cars as they honk driving past.

The television cameras have made a habit of panning to Dave throughout their broadcasts in recent years.

It's fair enough. He's hard to miss.

He's also in the same seat each season.

Right behind the goal posts.

"It's great getting the thumbs up or the nods from people," Dave said.

In what started out as a laugh in a bid to keep spirits high during a trying time for the Club in 2015, Dave began dressing up.

When the Marvel Spider-Man jersey was released, Dave embraced the dress-up theme before investing in his Knight outfit.

"The Knights outfit started with the Spider-Man jersey in Marvel Round in 2015," he recalled.

"A lot of kids were loving getting a photo with Spider-Man but then it progressed."

The process to go from math lecturer to the Knight in armour takes only a few minutes.

The costume was purchased online and gets running repairs each year.

With a beanie for a beard, giant foam finger and flag completing the outfit, be sure to keep an eye out for Dave at the next game you attend.

"I thought about going back to Spider-Man but some mates said, 'you can't, the Knight goes to the footy'," he explained.

"I like that the Knight is part of the scene."