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What new arrival Glasby brings as a Knights leader

Tim Glasby knows leadership.

He was a driving force in Melbourne and brings his knowledge and experience to the nib Newcastle Knights.

Announced as one of a five-man leadership group this week, the 29-year-old has revealed what he will bring to the Club this season.

'I was humbled to get the tap on the shoulder'

“The number one thing when you’re in the leadership group, you do have to play good, consistent rugby league, that’s a major part of it,” Glasby said.

“The team relies on that group to play well every week and then you have the other tiers going down from there.

“The other part of it, I’ve taken on through the pre-season is just helping out some of the younger players.

“They’ve been a really great group. They’ve come to me and worked really hard. I get the tap on the shoulder every now and then and get asked a question and I really enjoy helping out some of the younger players.”

The peer voted group sees Glasby as a red and blue leader in his first season with the Club.

The premiership winner is in his first of a three-year-deal with the Knights.

Knights announce 2019 season launch

“It was very humbling,” he said.

“It was a real honour. I feel very privileged to be in that group.”

The Knights kick off their season next Friday when they host Cronulla at McDonald Jones Stadium.

This match is a unique one when you consider the teams only squared off in a trial last week but it means the troops have a perfect opportunity to correct their mistakes.

“Definitely our ball control needs to improve,” he said.

“Probably our discipline with penalties.

“We didn’t really get to put any pressure on them for the most part of the game and they puta heap on us.

“Fortunately, it wasn’t a major issue for us throughout the pre-season.”