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‘It’s my job to look for the offloads and create’

They’re big, powerful and skilful.

It’s quite the list of attributes.

The nib Newcastle Knights have big men with flare and Connor Watson hopes he will be able to reap the rewards.

Having added the likes of David Klemmer and James Gavet to the pack for 2019, the Knights have middle monsters who aren’t shy to throw the ball around.

Be The Player: Week 13

It’s an area Watson hopes he can exploit this season in his move to fullback.

“Adding Klem and Gav and Timmy Glasby is only going to help,” Watson said.

“The first two guys, one of the biggest parts to their game is offloads.

“We haven’t spoke about putting too much of a focus on it.

“I know with those guys, that’s where it’s going to happen more.

'We've done the hard work, and the foundations are set'

“It’s my job to be around there, look for those offloads and try to create something from it.”

With the first trial only a week away, Watson is eager to get onto the field and start life as a No.1.

Having shifted from the halves, the 22-year-old is planning to roam the field, while providing another voice for the halves to execute the game plan.

“We’ve got our structure and points we want to hit on the field but for me it’s mostly going to be about supporting and sniffing around,” he said.

“Also helping us get through our sets. I can help with a bit of game management and organisation.

“It helps with three voices.”