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King's plan to fix handling errors in 2019

Josh King is determined.

After earning 13 appearances in the top side last season, the young local has identified some key areas to improve on in 2019.

"I was a little bit disappointed with my 2018 season," King revealed.

'They certainly have the experience to help me develop'

"Obviously, every season you want to push forward and keep improving and for some games, I don't think that I did that but that's in the past now, that was 2018 I am not looking at that anymore.

"I have things that I want to improve on and build in my game and that's what I'm focusing on now.

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"Just a few ball handling errors more than anything, a couple of times a lapse in concentration.

"I wouldn't say anything major in my game, just little things that I have to fix up to be able to grow my game and be able to take my game to the next level."

The 23-year-old said the new performance staff has brought in some changes which will be crucial for both his own and the team's success.

"It is different, we have had a lot of new performance staff come in, but it has been good, it's been a good different," he said.

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"I wouldn't say they are massive changes, just instead of running a certain distance you are running a different sort of distance. At the end of the day we are still running, we are still doing weights, we are still doing similar game-like conditioning drills but they are just differently ran.

"The team is really tight at the moment and we are training really well, so it's a good feeling around the club."

King is also enlisting the help of some of the new recruits.

While the addition of Tim Glasby and David Klemmer means competition for spots is fiercer than ever, it has allowed him to grow and learn.

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"Their professionalism on the paddock, technique wise in their attack and defense, just stuff they would of learned along the way during things like State of Origin and Australia, that's invaluable that kind of experience," King said of the forward duo.

"I think you can only get those type of attributes by playing rugby league and being around good players, so for them to come to the club is just massive for all of us young fellas who are trying to learn and really develop our game.

"I would love to be playing first-grade but I am excited just to be able to develop my game with these guys around me who have played Australian, State level, they certainly have a lot of experience to help me."