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Call to members: Send us your best memories and pics

Members are the back bone of our Club and this Friday, we look forward to thanking our 17,451 Members at our Round 21 clash against the Wests Tigers.

With plenty of giveaways to thank our loyal red and blue family, this is a game you can't miss.

Make sure you wear your member lanyard proud for your chance to win some great prizes ranging from signed jerseys and merchandise to Balance Collective Memberships, Wests vouchers or even signed footballs for the kids.

Long-term Members Nicole and Cody Turnbull 'love how the Knights connect with the fans. We really do feel like part of the family', where Member Mat Clarke said; "Being a Knights member means being part of something bigger than ourselves, something that stretches back into history and forward into the future.

"It's about being part of something that makes our town proud, and in turn makes us proud."

Robert Crosby added; "Being a member of the Knights has been an incredibly important part of supporting the Club over the past five seasons.

"Being a Knights member provides an element of having a financial stake in the Club. A Knights membership costs a couple of hundred dollars for access to every game, but the emotional return you get far outweighs the financial aspect."

We will also have a Member Appreciation Wall this weekend for the team to be able to experience and share Members loyalty and appreciate leading into this round.

Share with us your favourite photo in your Knights gear or with your favourite player to take your place on this wall. Email us your photo at

You can also drop us a sentence about your favourite player or moment as a supporter if you don't have a photo.

The Member Appreciation Wall will be on display in the tunnel for the team to see as they run onto the field.

We can't wait to see you at McDonald Jones Stadium on Friday!