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The little girl that stole Ponga's heart

The friendship of Kalyn Ponga and 4-year-old Amaya has warmed the hearts of league-lovers across the country, which stemmed from a short meet back in January, and blossomed throughout the year at junior clinics and through social media. Amaya, who is playing her first year of rugby league for Morpeth, took a likening to Ponga when she discovered they both wear headgear. Kalyn took time out of his schedule to have a personal chat with Amaya after clinics and a meet-and-greet earlier in the year, and after catching wind her birthday was coming up, decided to surprise her with her own 'Kalyn Ponga headgear'. Little did he know, Amaya had a surprise of her own, 'Kalyn's' book', which is filled with the experiences they have shared so far, and the road that little Amaya envisions them to have in the future.