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Knights name Round 16 Reserve Grade and Touch sides

ISP Newcastle Knights coach Rory Kostjasyn has named his 19-man squad for Saturday's clash with the Bulldogs at McDonald Jones Stadium.

Jersey Flegg duo Tex Hoy and Tevita Alifa have been named to make their ISP debuts after showing impressive form in the 20s competition.


1. Nick Meaney, 2. Tom Hughes, 3. Matt Allwood, 4. Brent Naden, 5. Thomas Cronan, 6. Tex Hoy, 7. Brock Lamb, 8. Tyrone Amey, 9. Chris Randall, 10. Pasami Saulo, 11. Beau Fermor, 12. Brodie Jones, 13. Zac Hosking. Interchange: 14. Tom Starling, 15. Tevita Alifa, 16. Pat Mata'utia, 17. Bobby Treacy, 18. Tori Freeman-Quay, 19. Junior Roqica

Saturday June 30 – Round 16
ISP NSW kick-off: 1pm
Venue: McDonald Jones Stadium

Meanwhile, the Knights have named their men's and women's teams to face Parramatta this Saturday.

The Knights are one of six NRL clubs to take part in the inaugural NRL Touch Premiership and will act as curtain raisers to NRL game.

Men's Knights

1 Luke Tonegato, 2 Matthew Tope, 4 Lincoln Little, 5 Daniel Langbridge, 6 Jack Edwards, 7 Dylan Thompson, 8 Alex Langbridge, 9 Bart Hill, 10 Matthew Prowse, 11 Jake Fitzpatrick, 14 Scott Bundy, 15 Tom Dafter, 16 Mitchell Wilton

Women's Knights

2 Jessica Potts, 3 Emily Hennessey, 4 Rhiannon Podmore, 5 Madison Crowe, 6 Ainsley Hughes, 8 Sian Filipo, 10 Amy Regal, 11 Elise Wilson, 12 Lily Goodchild, 13 Amy Dufour, 14 Sophie Broadhead, 15 Rachel Jeffs, 16 Taryn Love

Saturday June 30 – NRL Touch Premiership versus Eels
Touch kick-off: 3:10pm
Venue: McDonald Jones Stadium

Jersey Flegg – bye