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Podcast: Becoming the player everyone wants to play with

Nathan Ross has revealed the traits involved in becoming a player everyone wants to play with.

They aren't pretty and often go unnoticed.

In fact, you'll never see any of these acts on a highlights reel.

When players speak of the 'one percenters', this is what they're referring to.

"It's about doing things that go unnoticed," Ross told the NRL Knights: Our Town Our Team podcast.

"The person who runs the ball off their line or takes two carries in the set or makes a try saving tackle or the person who pushes up next to their mate to help them get a quick play the ball.

"All these little one percent areas that not too many people focus on is something were trying to really focus on at Newcastle.


"These one percent areas that help your teammate improve their game then you're starting to become that player that everyone wants to play with.

"They're not the glorious things. It's the hard work that goes unseen."

Using Slade Griffin's try saving tackle against Roosters hard man Isaac Liu as the example, Ross highlighted the amount of ground the hooker covered to produce the hit.

It was this kind of commitment to the team that makes the rake a player his teammates love taking the field with.

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"What people will see is the tackle at the end but it's the three steps before that tackle," Ross explained.

"Slade worked from marker and then he pressured the ball player and then he tied in after the kick pressure.

"He's done three jobs essentially before he made that tackle.

"He fundamentally did everything right before he made that tackle.

"He's definitely one of those players who typifies those one percent areas, Aidan Guerra as well."