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Injury update: Mitchell Pearce

Injury update: Mitchell Pearce

Knights TV caught up with Mitchell Pearce to get an update on how his recovery is progressing following a pectoral injury in Round 7.

The halfback had surgery almost a month ago on a torn pectoral and has been sporting a sling as he undergoes rehabilitation.

Pearce admits his recovery is coming along nicely.

"I got out of the sling three, four days ago and have been doing a fair bit of bike and gym work on the lower body, and a few one-arm weights, slowly progressing to the body weights and more movement over the next two weeks," he explained.

"I feel I'm ahead of schedule but it's hard to tell until I start doing some contact, but the physios are happy with the recovery so far and I've just got to keep sticking to the plan."

The 29-year-old maintains with any injury it seems like a long road to full recovery, but he's getting on with the job of preparing himself for his comeback.

"There was a bit of head noise after the surgery, you want to be out there being a competitor but the biggest thing with injuries is accepting it and getting on with the routine to get back on to the field," Pearce added.

"I'm in good spirits now, just trying to help as much as I can around training and then doing my work in the gym."

The Knights co-captain said he's been happy to be able to support his teammates on the field, especially in the halves, but ultimately he has confidence in their ability to take on their roles.

"Those guys know what to do, if they need to ask a question here or there I am happy to help but we've got enough coaches that can orchestrate the training sessions," Pearce commented.

"I'm trying to add as much support as I can to the team and as captain keep the standards around the Club high in all areas."

Luck hasn't been on the Knights' side with a number of players in the halves already falling victim to injury.

Besides himself, Connor Watson was the first to suffer a few weeks on the sidelines and after last week's game, Brock Lamb sustained a cheekbone fracture and is out for up to four weeks.

"There's been a few injuries, but every team goes through it, it's how you deal with it and the biggest thing you can do is compete for 80 minutes whoever you've got playing and it's something we will be chasing this week," Pearce stated.

"We need to compete for 80 minutes, work for our mates especially in defence.

"Any of the good games we've played this year has come off the back of effort areas and working for our teammates so that's what we'll be focusing on."

And while Pearce admits watching on from the sidelines is hard for any player, he's just focused on what's ahead.

"I think it's hard when you can't control the situation, but I'm not the first player to get injured and I won't be the last so I've just got to bide my time, get as fit as I can and hopefully have an impact when I get back," he said.

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