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Jersey Flegg Late Mail: Round 5

Jersey Flegg coach Todd Lowrie has finalised his side to take on the North Sydney Bears, with changes galore.

Luke Huth gets his first start of the year at hooker with Tom Starling out, while Gary Anderson comes into the side on the wing.

Joe Bromage and Matthew Moon are also late inclusions on the bench.

The match kicks off at 3.30pm.


1. Matt Cooper, 25. Gary Anderson, 2. Lachlan Farr, 4. Mitch Andrews, 5. Justin Worley, 6. Tex Hoy, 7. Nash Birch, 8. Pasami Saulo, 16. Luke Huth, 10. Jirah Momoisea, 11. Kurtis Dark, 12. Beau Fermor, 13. Matthew Croker, 14. Tevita Alifa, 15. Henry Siriah Fuimaono, 19. Joe Bromage, 23. Matthew Moon.