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Knights TV caught up with some of the rookies who had the opportunity to train with the nib Newcastle Knights’ top squad for the pre-season.

They were pushed to their limits for eight weeks alongside the NRL squad and took advantage of every moment.


Zac Hosking

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity Brownie (Nathan Brown) has given me,” Hosking said.

“Training these eight weeks with first grade has been a great experience and I have improved in every facet of my game including strength, fitness and the skill.

“I have learnt a lot off the senior players, and the professionalism is second to none.

The 2017 Under 20s captain admits he’s achieved one goal he set out to do.

“I’ve managed to put on nearly four kilos in the last eight weeks and that’s a big goal I wanted to achieve,” added Hosking.

“I didn’t know how well I’d be able to do it with the heat and all the running but when I’m not working eight hours a day and training, it is a lot easier to put the weight on.

“I have been educated about eating right, I know it’s something I have to do more of, and something I will take back coming in to the new year.”

The young forward is also thankful for the guidance from senior players.

“There’s a lot of boys to learn off, blokes like Jamie Buhrer, he’s had a lot of experience and Aidan Guerra, they are both really vocal,” he said.

“They always have their opinion to help if I’m doing something wrong.

“It’s helped my game tremendously; it’s not just me, it is everyone else and the experience they bring to the side is very handy.

“I’m stronger than I was, I’m more confident and it is all because of the experience and the players I have been around.”

Brodie Jones

“It’s been pretty full on but being around those experienced players you get a lot out of it and it’s the little things you never even think of,” explained Jones.

“Aidan Guerra has helped a lot; he’s been handy with a lot of advice to us young boys and also Jamie Buhrer, he’s a very big talker and always tips you up on anything you can work better on.”

Jones is happy with his progress so far and maintains he’ll continue to work hard on his goals.

“I want to continue to get my fitness levels up and get my skin folds down so that has probably been the main gaols of pre-season,” Jones added.

“Being around the physicality, adjusting to it, that will be the beneficial thing when I go back to playing footy in 2018.”

Brayden Musgrove

The outside back admits pre-season training with the top squad has been tough but a great opportunity.

“I’ve learnt to look after my body properly and what I need to do to perform at a high level, not burn out, be sore and injure myself,” Musgrove said.

“I have grown as a player a lot around the boys.

“My fitness has definitely become a lot better, as well as my strength in the gym and I’ve definitely seen an improvement there.”

Musgrove has also seen the benefit of learning off other experienced players.

“Aidan Guerra helps me out a lot at training with defence and Nathan Ross as well,” Musgrove commented.

“They all help me along at training and let me know if I’m doing something wrong.”

“I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing next year but all I can do is keep training hard and play the highest level of football I can.”