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It's been a tough pre-season for the nib Newcastle Knights, but Sione Mata’utia has a spring in his step as just a month ago he became a new father to baby girl, Amya.

“It's been good so far, I'm barely home to change nappies so that’s alright,” Mata’utia laughed.

“My partner (Hannah) is coping well, she is doing such a great job... the experience of it all is going to be one of the most amazing things.” 

Mata’utia explained the best thing about being a new dad is waking up to Amya and going home to see her after a long day of training.

“When I know I have a daughter at home, I just have the biggest smile because I’ll sit with the little one when I come home and she’ll be looking cute and chubby,” smiled Mata’utia.

“We (Mata'utia and partner Hannah) have had a good life so far... but Amya's changed the way we think about our lives at the moment… everything is a lot better and we’ve got something to work hard for now and to care for.” 

The youngest Mata’utia admits the day he met her was a day he’ll never forget.

“I think the experience of the birth was the most amazing thing I went through and I loved every minute of it.


“I have so much respect for women that have kids, to go through all that pain and to come through and to create such a beautiful human being.

“I can’t wait for her to have a little bit of emotion, smiling and crying, and she’ll definitely say daddy first so I can’t wait for that.”

The new addition is just one of many that is part of a big Mata’utia family.

“There is no stopping anytime soon, seven brothers and sisters, they are popping them out like nothing,” laughed Mata’utia.

“I think we’ve got 17 nieces and nephews so far so you can only imagine what Christmas is going to be like… very loud and noisy but that’s the way my brothers and I grew up."