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Not knowing a great deal about the town of Newcastle itself before signing, new recruit Aidan Guerra admits he’s been pleasantly surprised by how well he and his partner have fit in just a couple of weeks since arriving at the Club.

“We have settled into the town, the lifestyle and both myself and the missus are loving life in Newcastle,” reported Guerra.

“It's one of those places that you don’t really know what it has to offer until you spend a bit of time here, and everyday we’re spending here we’ve come to love the place more and more.”

At first, he thought meeting all his new teammates would be an obvious challenge. But the experienced forward said the transition to his new Club has been seamless.

“Meeting everyone was actually probably the easiest thing to do,” he said.

‘We're in a good environment at the Club and we’ve all got one thing in common and that’s football.

“I feel like at the moment I'm starting to find a few mates and now we’re trying to make ourselves better footballers as well.”

The 29-year-old thinks the Club is headed in the right direction, and that’s why he wanted to be a part of it in 2018.

“That was one of the main reasons why I decided to come up here, there’s potential right across the board,” Guerra explained.

“There are some players in that forward pack that might be a year or two away from their best... or who knows, it might be Round 1 when they are playing their best football.

“It's an exciting time for both me and the Club and I'm really happy with the decision because of the personalities around me and the town that we’re in.”

Meanwhile, pre-season training for the second rower hasn’t been too dissimilar from what he knew at the Sydney Roosters.

“A lot of the clubs these days are pretty much running a very similar program, I'm just glad that sport science has probably gone up a notch to look after the older fellas,” Guerra laughed.

“There is no shortage of hard work being done and I have spoken to the staff themselves and I feel we are pretty lucky here and we’ve got a good group of people that are running the show.