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The Rugby League World Cup was an "amazing experience" for Danny Levi, but he’s now back in Newcastle to get stuck into pre-season training.

“It was definitely something I will cherish forever,” Levi smiled.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t go our way but I loved every minute of it and had an awesome time.”

The 21-year-old can cross a few things off his to-do list after he made his international debut for New Zealand against Samoa and got his first start for the Kiwis in his hometown of Wellington against the Fijians in the quarter finals.

“I only got the one start and unfortunately we lost but I still enjoyed it,” Levi said.

The international exposure has rubbed off on the young hooker, who admits his time with the Kiwis has been a valuable learning experience.

“The level of intensity that those calibre of players train and play at was just a whole new level for me," he explained.

"It was something I had to adapt to pretty quickly but I also took a lot of confidence out of it by getting to mix and mingle with those types of players.

“I'll definitely bring back some things, knowing what level we had to train at and try to up that intensity.”

One of the highlights was lining up in the number nine jersey in Wellington.

“It was something I will remember forever,” Levi commented.

“I got my first start and I had to buy like 40 tickets for everyone to come... but I was just happy they all got to come.

“I played against big Jacob Saifiti, it was just unfortunate he got one over me but hopefully in the future I'll get one back.”

While Levi maintains his time with the Kiwis has been incredible, he’s glad to be back home.

“I was really happy to come home, I missed it a lot and I missed all the boys,” said Levi.

“All the new guys that have come in, they have been awesome and they’re training the house down as well so it's good to get involved with everyone.”

Levi will be focusing on cementing the hooker role for 2018.

“I know there is a lot of competition so I’ve definitely got to be on my game and bring it to another level.

“It's a good thing because it's going to lift everyone’s games and hopefully we get a few more wins this year and make the finals as well.”