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With plenty of players moving around the competition ahead of the 2018 season, looked at which teams have recruited best.

The nib Newcastle Knights have had one of their busiest signing sprees ever, picking up Kalyn Ponga, Connor Watson, Aidan Guerra, Herman Ese'ese, Tautau Moga, Jacob Lillyman, Slade Griffin and Chris Heighington.

Find out what had to say about the red and blues below.

Dom (Dominic Brock, production editor): Today we're taking a look at off-season recruiting for the 2018 season. Which team has been the biggest winner in the transfer market so far?

CK (Chris Kennedy, national correspondent): Knights?

Dom: They've certainly made a lot of changes.

CK: What I like about their recruiting is there are some good value buys in there that don't ruin the cap down the track, and quite a few of them are key signings in particular areas that needed a boost.

Gabz (Martin Gabor, national correspondent): Hard to argue with the Knights. They've brought in a mix of young guns (Connor Watson and Kalyn Ponga) as well as seasoned veterans (Aidan Guerra and Chris Heighington). There hasn't been a competition for spots for years, but that will all change in 2018 with the older guys driving the younger players to new heights.

Tony (Tony Webeck, chief Queensland correspondent): For a long time I was worried it was Ponga and very little else but I really like the more recent additions, particularly Connor Watson and Chris Heighington. The presence of seasoned first-graders will enable the likes of Brock Lamb and the Saifiti boys to flourish next season.

Alicia (Alicia Newton, national correspondent): It reminds me a lot about their 2007/2008 changeover period under Brian Smith. A huge amount of changes, plenty of players on the verge of establishing their careers. How quickly they gel will be another topic but you hope for Knights fans it's fast.