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Last year, Trent Hodkinson dedicated his kicking tee to Hannah through the Tren7’s Kick for Kids program.

Hannah was undergoing treatment for Ewing's sarcoma, a form of cancer, at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital but sadly six months later the cancer had returned and has been diagnosed as terminal.

Once Trent learned of the news he wanted to do something special for Hannah.

“We worked some things out so I was able to go to her formal and we had a great night,” smiled Hodkinson, who was talking to the media on the eve of his 150th NRL match.

The Knights halfback took Hannah to her Kurri Kurri high school formal on Wednesday evening and admits she was the star of the show.

“As soon as we got there all her friends were cheering for her and I just think they were really happy that she could go,” explained Hodkinson.

“The school moved the formal forward just for her and it was a great night, she did such a great job.

“She had a lot of photos with all her friends and everybody wanted to get some nice photos for her and yeah it was a great night.”

To Trent’s surprise, the news travelled fast, right across the country.

“I didn't expect this... I don’t do it for the recognition, I do it because I generally care and enjoy doing it," he said.

“It has just taken off, but it is such a good thing for Hannah and her family and what she’s going through. Hopefully it can bring awareness to Ewing's sarcoma, the type of cancer she is going through.

"It is a great way to bring awareness to that."

To Trent, Hannah is an inspirational young lady.

“Last night she was so brave and she’s such a strong girl, you wouldn’t know she is going through this,” said Hodkinson.

“It is the type of person she is and she brought a smile to my face last night, she was so strong.”

For more information about Ewing's sarcoma cancer, please visit Australian Sarcoma Group.