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It has been a lengthy process for Jamie Buhrer after he fractured his foot in April, but the experienced forward is well on his way to returning to the NRL.

“It is coming along, a little bit slower than I would have liked initially but I’m out of the boot,” Buhrer told Knights TV.

“I have done some running on the Alter-G which takes a bit of weight off and I was actually able to run 100 per cent body weight the other day... so I will hopefully do some field work later this week.”

The 27-year-old was training for Round 7’s clash with the Sydney Roosters when he fractured the fifth metatarsal in his foot.

Due to the poor blood supply in that area, healing can be slow and must be dealt with caution.

“We thought the best method for a quick recovery was to get a screw in there nice and quick.” Buhrer stated.

“Since then I have been in the boot for seven weeks, so that was punishing.

“Now I have started to do some weight bearing and some running and it’s just a matter of getting my leg up to speed and making the right call as to when to come back.

“Too soon and it could reoccur, but the quicker I can get back the better and that’s certainly my mentality.”

Buhrer says he has still been working hard to maintain his fitness and strength level.

“It may seem like I wouldn’t be able to do much in a boot, but our trainers and coaches are very creative," Buhrer smiled.

"They’ve certainly found ways to make me hurt.

“I am in pretty good shape so I don’t think it will be long until I’m running on the field and I’ll be back in game shape.

“Hopefully by next week I think I’ll be able to catch and pass to the lads, it’s been a long time coming.”