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Josh King and Nick Meaney, the two nib Newcastle Knights named in the ISP NSW Residents team, say they are making the most of their training camp in Sydney.

“It has been really good so far, we've only been here for a couple of days but I’m really enjoying it and getting to know new people,” prop King explained.

“Even though I’ve been named at 18th man and probably won’t be playing, it is a privilege to be here.

“It shows all the hard work does pay off at the end of the day and I’m really happy to be here and be around the squad.

“It is good just to meet new people and get new perspectives on the game and new coaches.”

19-year-old Meaney admits he’s humbled to be selected in his first year of Reserve Grade.

“I was not expecting to get called into this squad and even though I’m named 19th man, it’s my first year in this competition,” he said.

“It's a big thing just to be around all the boys and I’ve never really been in camp like this before so it’s a good experience for me personally and hopefully I learn a lot from it.”

The young fullback said he’s learning a lot from other players in the squad.

“Probably the halves, they are very experienced, know a lot of footy and work well with everyone else even if they don’t know many of the other boys,” said Meaney.

“Personally I don’t know really anyone in this team but they really bring you together.

“Seeing all the others players, how they deal with preparing for games and how they prepare for the whole week, I have probably learnt a bit from them and put it into my own game.”

The Residents side will travel to Queensland on Wednesday afternoon for a few more days in camp before Sunday’s clash against the Queensland Residents.

The game will take place at Suzuki Stadium in Brisbane, with kick off at 1.40pm.