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nib Newcastle Knights coach Nathan Brown made clear the Club supports the NRL and its concussion protocols.

The Club was issued a Breach Notice by the NRL on Monday following Saturday’s match against the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

"As a Club we support what the NRL is trying to do with concussion," explained Brown.

"We’re one of a few clubs that have Doctor Andrew Gardner and Doctor Chris Levi, who have their own concussion clinic, which is separate to the Club, that all the players go and see if they fail tests.

"Doctor Levi is a world leader in the field, anybody that doesn’t think we support it, I’d be disappointed.”

The Knights coach also supported decisions made by his staff.

“Tony Ayoub has 30 years experience, he’s made a judgement call and as the head coach we support our staff, we’ll go through the process with the NRL now and see what the outcome is,” Brown added.

“I’d imagine like every coach, you support your medical staff, that’s why they are out there in the first place.”

Brown said if players don’t pass the concussion test after the game, they are sent to Doctor Levi.

“Brendan Elliot is fine, he’s passed so far, so there are no concerns at this stage,” added Brown.

“He’s still got to tick one or two boxes before he can play but that decision won’t just be made by our doctors, but also the independent people as well.”

Brown was satisfied with the action taken by the referees in Saturday’s clash, however he maintains the game needs to address the situation of losing a player to concussion.

“I made my position quite clear after the game, what I think about concussion and foul play and the ability of the Club to have other players introduced into the game,” explained Brown.

“The interchange and reserves have changed as the game has evolved, who knows whether it changes in 12 months or two years, the rules change a bit more frequently than they did years ago.”

The Knights will announce a 21-man squad on Tuesday afternoon, as focus turns to Friday night's clash with the Penrith Panthers at Pepper Stadium.