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With the Sacred Ground campaign kicking off, Knights fans have the opportunity to select one of 30,000 square foot patches of turf at McDonald Jones Stadium HERE as part of their 2017 Membership.

Each patch is linked to one of 30 different special moments in the Club’s history, and with the aid of an interactive website fans can delve into the history behind each of the 30 regions and choose the one that they like best as their own patch.

With a base 2017 Membership only costing $30, here’s how you can claim your patch of Sacred Ground.


1. A 2017 Membership is required to claim a patch of Sacred Ground. The most affordable is just $30, but there are plenty of different Membership options to suit everybody’s needs. Click HERE to become a 2017 Member and create a MyKnights account.

2. Once signed up as a Member, go to to claim your patch. Click ‘Claim my patch’ and enter your username and password from your MyKnights account.

3. Once logged in, your patch will have the status ‘Unclaimed’. Click ‘Claim now’ to go through to the next screen.

4. A screen with a bird’s-eye view of McDonald Jones Stadium will appear with the 30 different regions to choose from. There are 1000 patches available in each of these 30 regions.

Take the time to click on each of the 30 regions and explore the different historic moments associated with each one.

Click ‘Discover moment’ beneath each patch in the scrolling sidebar to watch the moment and read about it.

5. Once you’ve decided upon the region in which you want to claim your patch, click ‘Claim patch’ in the scrolling sidebar.

Confirm your decision in the pop-up window. Choose carefully, because you cannot change your patch once it has been claimed.

Each Member can only have one patch.

6. Once you have claimed your patch, you will be asked to fill in the details of your Land Deed.

Enter your name, the year you first joined as a Member and an image you want to show in the centre of the Deed.

You can also enter your favourite moment watching the Knights at the Sacred Ground.

7. Click ‘Preview’ once you have entered your details, and then ‘Secure your patch’ if you are happy with the Deed.

8. You are now the proud owner of a patch of Sacred Ground! Make sure you share your favourite moment and Title Deed on social media by clicking ‘Share with my mates’.

You can review your patch under the ‘Your patches’ section, and see who else has claimed a patch in your region.