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It will be a fitting way for Jeremy Smith to finish his career on Saturday, as he will play his final match of rugby league at Jubilee Oval.

The warhorse forward played for the Saints in 2009 and 2010, racking up 30 matches and winning a premiership.

“I’m excited that we’re going down to Kogarah, and it’s certainly fitting for me to go out there,” Smith said following the Captain’s Run on Friday afternoon.

“I enjoyed every minute of last week playing at home for the last time, and now to finish my career at somewhere that I had a lot of success is touching.”

While Smith says he is glad that he is finishing up his career this year, his body is in decent condition going into this last match.

“The body isn’t too bad, but I’m looking forward to when it’s all done and dusted,” the joint captain said.

With the Dragons missing several big players through injury and having played their last match on Monday night, Smith thinks the Knights have a good opportunity to get another win before the curtains are drawn on the 2016 season.  

“I’d love to go out on a win,” he said.

“I suppose they’ve played on Monday so the turnaround is a lot shorter for them.

“They’re missing a couple of players there too, so hopefully things fall our way.”

The match at Kogarah will be significant for another reason as well, as a ‘captains challenge’ will be trialled for the first time in the NRL.

“I think it will speed the game up a bit more, and I suppose just being able to challenge the ref on his call is good,” Smith explained.

“You’ve got 20 seconds, so I daresay you just ask your teammate if he thinks he’s scored a try or not, or if he believes he’s stopped one.

“You’ve got to live by the call you make, and get back to it if you’re wrong.”