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While it has been a challenging season for the Knights, it has been the Newcastle Knights Members’ who have shone in 2016.

Rugby league fans of Newcastle have been overwhelming in their support of the Club and shown that their true colours will always be red and blue.

It’s something that is not lost on the players who have extended their appreciation for the support, passion and incredible loyalty shown by Members and fans throughout the year.

“The fans have continued to turn up in numbers,” co-captain Trent Hodkinson said.

“It has been a tough year but, to play at home and see the red and blue out there in the stands, it’s definitely motivating to us."

While the young Knights squad has struggled to find form this season, it is a testament to Knights Members who have refused to back away from the team.

“I can understand they would be a bit frustrated, but we have taken a few steps forward I think over this season," he added.

“It has been a very tough year.

“Coming to the Club, the boys said, if you’re out there having a go then the Newcastle people will still be proud and they will turn up in numbers.”

The experienced half believes the future looks bright for the Knights.

“To have another pre-season under our belts will do wonders," Hodkinson said.

In the three years Newcastle Knight Korbin Sims has been playing with the Club, he’s gained an insight into the unwavering support of the Club’s Members.

“Newcastle has a very strong and loyal fan base,” he said.

“If we are doing well they are really behind us and if we are not doing not so well, they are still showing us support and showing up to the game which is really a plus for us.

“Those loyal fans come out and brave the weather- heat and cold and sunshine and rain, that’s what Newcastle fans are all about.”

Meanwhile, Jake Mamo has thanked fans for being at the games and says their presence has been felt by every single one of the players.

“Seeing all the people in the crowd definitely helps us get to the game and brings some atmosphere and makes it harder for the teams travelling up to Newcastle to play,” he said.

 “Although we haven’t been performing, we still need everyone to turn out, we will turn it around.

“I think Newcastle fans have always been like that when we need their support.”

Newcastle’s Sione Mata’utia says he’s filled with pride when he runs out at Hunter Stadium in front of the club’s supporters.

“To see the red and blue colours out there makes me proud as a player and makes me want to play hard for the jersey and give the fans something they can leave and be happy about,” he said.

“It lifts the spirits for sure with the numbers coming through the gate.

“They can only do so much for us in regards to winning, but turning out really does help us to get over the line.

“It has been a tough season, but I’d like to thank them for always turning out.

“As a town and a team we should be really proud.

“It has been amazing with the amount of numbers coming through the gate.”