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Competition - NYC Premiership Round - Round 02 Teams - South Sydney Rabbitohs V Newcastle Knights Date - 12th of March 2016 Venue - ANZ Stadium, Homebush, Sydney NSW Photographer - Paul Barkley

NYC Preview: Round 8

Newcastle Knights v Manly Sea Eagles 
Date: Monday April 25
Venue: Hunter Stadium
Gates open: 11.30am
NYC: 11.35am
NRL: 2pm



1. Nick Meaney, 2. Ken Tofliau, 3. Cory Denniss, 4. Henry Penn, 5. Matt Soper-Lawler, 6. Brock Lamb, 7. Jack Cogger (c), 8. Tyrone Amey, 9. Joe Morris, 10. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, 11. Eddy Tuilotolava, 12. Sam Stone, 13. Mitch Casson. Interchange: 14. Zac Hosking, 15. Braden Robson, 16. Viko Puliuvea, 17. Jayden Butterfield, 18. Kainoa Gudgeon, 20. Jordon Pinnock.


1. Luke Polselli, 2. Jayden El-Jalkh, 3. Jesse Ramien, 4. Brad Parker, 5. Harlan Collins, 6. Nicholas Hynes, 7. Cade Cust, 8. Elia Faatui, 9. Heath Garay, 10. Darcy Cox, 11. Billy Bainbridge,12. Lucas Price, 13. Jonny Walker. Interchange: 14.  John Tuivaiti, 15. Joshua Martin, 16. Moses Noovao-McGreal, 17. Eddy Paealiki.

Match analysis:

The NYC Newcastle Knights trail off the back of a confidence-building comeback into their match against the Manly Sea Eagles on ANZAC Day, this Monday.

The young Knights were slow out of the box at Suncorp Stadium but put together a desperate revival in the second half with a Jack Cogger field goal sealing a one-point win.

This time around, the Knights aim for a much tidier start to their Round 8 game.

“It was a tough win, we didn’t play very well in the first half,” coach Todd Lowrie said.

“In the second half we toughed it out and it was quite a good win in the end.

“The boys did really well.”

The players absorbed important lessons from the tight encounter they are determined to put into action at Hunter Stadium.

“They just started doing what we had spoken about and practiced,” he said.

“They became a bit more patient and started defending well.

“They won by just hanging on to the footy and completing sets.

"To come away with the win this time will hopefully show them what they need to do if they find themselves in the same situation again."

Lowrie was keen to recognise a number of players who shone playing up north.

“Joe Morris went really well and Nick Meaney and Jack Cogger had their best games of the year,” he said. 

While Manly is yet to record a win so far this season, Lowrie is hesitant to dismiss the opposition.

“I can only assume they have been unlucky because what I have seen they have been doing things pretty well,” he said.

“They have some really good players in their team.

“I expect them to come up here and certainly look for their first win.

“It will be a tough one for us definitely.”

The Knights also benefit from the extended preparation time before the Monday morning match.

“With a long turnaround since we played last Saturday, I guess we have to bring a lot of energy and concentrate on doing the things we do well,” he said. 

“Hopefully if we do that it will get them the result.”

Where it will be won:


“I think as long as we do what we do well we should be okay,” he said.

“As long as all the players play to their potential and do what they are required to do then we should get a good result.”