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When Korbin Sims scored at Hunter Stadium on Sunday afternoon he made the letter ‘A’ with his fingers and then ‘T’ with his arms in celebration.

The youngest Sims brother has celebrated with the ‘A’ for two seasons now, but the ‘T’ is a new addition that has caught people's notice.

“I put the ‘A’ for Alex (McKinnon),” Sims explained on Wednesday.

“I’ll always do that every time I score, until he walks again.”

The ‘T’ that follows is a tribute to another person he holds close to his heart.

“That’s for my newborn son, Taavi.”

Sims will be hoping to score more tries this weekend against the Broncos, a team that he has posted points against in the teams’ last four encounters.

“We can’t just go into these games thinking we have to compete,” Sims said of the upcoming encounter.

“We have to go in thinking we have to win. That’s what we’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks and that’s what has been working for us.”

Sims used the Round 5 match against the Melbourne Storm as an example. While the Knights didn’t get the two points, they led for three quarters of the game and stuck it to a team that was expected to win.

“We played really well for a long time in Melbourne, but that little five minute block where we lacked concentration cost us,” he said.

“We didn’t go into a game down in Melbourne with a hostile crowd with an expectation of just doing our best.

“We realised that we really had to knuckle down to win those games.”