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Brock Lamb spoke to some of his teammates in the sheds following the NYC side's 30-30 draw with the Tigers.

With the young red and blues leading by 20 points at one stage in the second half, the players were understandably downcast after the final whistle.

"Overall it was a pretty disappointing effort in the end," winger Matt Soper-Lawler told Knights TV.

"We didn't go too badly as a team. Personally there's some things I can work on."

Braden Robson returned to the centres after spending the start of the season in the second row, and held a similar view to Soper-Lawler.

"We did make a few good metres and some tackles, but in defence they went around us a couple of times so we'll work on that for next week."

"Overall we were just lucky to get that draw I think."

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