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They often say you don't truly know someone until you live with them. 

That may be the case for Newcastle Knights teammates who have spent longer than usual away from Newcastle due to a short turnaround between their Round 4 and 5 matches. 

While it can prove challenging for some players being away from the comforts of home and their families, it has provided a unique opportunity for the players to bond and get to know each other on a more personal level, especially with so many new, young faces in the team. 

"It's a good opportunity for a lot of our younger players, who haven't been away a lot, to get a bit more free time when we are away for eight or nine days," Robbie Rochow told Knights TV. 

"We had yesterday off so got to have a look around the city, got some bikes and got to enjoy things a bit. 

"You learn a lot more about their tendencies and how they prepare and go about their day.

"It's just a good chance for us to spend time with them and getting to know them a lot better."

While the players' recovery after the weekend's game has been given plenty attention, Rochow says the team is mentally in the zone ahead of Saturday's contest against the Melbourne Storm. 

"The focus around training and in team meetings is all about tomorrow's game," he said. 

"We're definitely ready to play and are all set to go. 

"We have had good preparation as we've had so much time on our hands being at the hotel all the time. 

"We can recover, get physio treatment or have video sessions with the coaches at any time."

Although the Knights managed an exciting win over the Storm in their last campaign at AAMI Park in Round 24 of 2015, Rochow says the side won't take too much from that experience as many from the current team weren't a part of that game.

But that doesn't mean the Knights lack confidence in their ability to secure another victory. 

"I think the biggest thing is belief and if we stick to what we know, and do it for a good 80 minutes in the game, we'll put ourselves in with a good shot to win the game," he said. 

A highlight of the week for the Knights' second rower was the opportunity to work with the AFL's Collingwood Football Club in Melbourne. 

"It's great being down here and being exposed to so many other forms of sport," he said. 

"They were generous enough to let us use their facilities. 

"A few of us went back and watched them train before their game tonight. They were really good and spent time with us.

"We learned a bit and the coaches took away a lot about how they prepare for games and throughout the season."