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The Newcastle Knights had their first training session of 2016 on Monday in the form of a beep test at Newcastle Basketball Stadium.

It was the second beep test of the pre-season and strong improvements were seen throughout the squad.

Jake Mamo was typically impressive with a 14.11 while Trent Hodkinson ran his first of the pre-season and scored an 11.11.

Plenty of the younger players in the group pushed their more experienced teammates, with Bryce Donovan, Braden Robson, Jack Cogger and Brock Lamb all finishing high in the rankings.

With fitness levels building, the team has a month on the training track before the Auckland Nines kicks off the trial schedule.
Beep test results:
1. Jake Mamo – 14.11 (14.1 in November)
2. Tyler Randell – 14.1 (13.2 in November)
3. Bryce Donovan – 13.10 (12.10 in November)
4. Jack Cogger – 13.5 (13.9 in November)
    Dane Gagai – 13.5 (12.3 in November)
    Brock Lamb – 13.5 (13.3 in November)
    Braden Robson – 13.5 (N/A)
5. Robbie Rochow – 13.4 (12.12 in November)