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This week Knights TV sits down with Josh King and Brock Lamb to talk about the challenges they have encountered stepping up to NRL gym sessions.

For people who don’t know about football gym training, can you describe what it’s all about?

King: We do a lot of explosive lifting, just like when you are taking off from the line…and doing weights while we’re holding onto the ball.

Lamb: On Monday we have an upper body session, then Tuesday is lower body. And then the same goes for Thursday and Friday.

Why is it important to train in the gym as well as on the field?

King: It benefits you a lot more when you have a bit more power and strength behind you to give you the upper hand over your opponents.

Lamb: It builds strength for your defence and that sort of stuff on the field, so it’s very important.

What is the main difference in the gym sessions now you’re working with the NRL squad?

King: It’s probably a bigger load and we are doing more stuff and also we are doing things more specific to certain positions. We might have different reps and exercise to the next bloke.

Lamb: You’re always working, there’s no breaks at all. It’s just an hour of continuous work really.

What have you found the biggest challenge to be?

King: Being one of the young guys coming up, I can’t lift as much as the older fellas but it’s been good getting in there and having a crack and getting stronger as we go along and hopefully developing my game.

Lamb: Trying to keep up with the weight that the boys lift. It’s a good challenge because I’m really pushing myself.

What area are you seeing the biggest improvements?

King: General overall strength I think. When you’re out on the field you find the wrestle a bit easier and ever week you’re going up in weights.

Lamb: Probably the weights I lift. I’m getting a lot stronger as I go along.