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Family man Tariq Sims’ off season break was packed full of exciting news that’s put a spring in the Newcastle Knight's step as he’s returned back to training.

He and his partner Ashleigh announced they are expecting a second child in March, a sibling for their young daughter Lakia.

The couple then posted a candid video on social media revealing the gender of their baby with a note from their doctor.

“On a Thursday in the off-season we went in for a scan,” Tariq told Knights TV.

“I was in England when we found out about our first daughter Lakia, so we got the doctor to write it on a lovely little note and folded it over for us.

“We skyped the first time, so did the exact same thing.

“We had a look in the card and found out it was a girl.

“We are very excited and she’s fit and healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes."

After discovering the gender of their new family addition on a Friday, Tariq added to the excitement on Sunday with a marriage proposal to Ashleigh.

As with any marriage proposal, there was an elaborate ploy to ensure his romantic vision went to plan. 

“I said that we were going to lunch with the new coach (Nathan Brown) and she had to get dolled up,” he said. 

“I put a blindfold on her in the garage on the way there and got her 20 roses and took her up to the cliffs at Redhead.

“There’s a nice little spot there that I love on the cliff lookout and proposed to her and she said yes."

Tariq enlisted the help of House of Kdor to make a custom made ring that took more than six weeks to craft.

“Ashleigh kept tagging me in posts and leaving little snippets of rings around, I knew exactly what sort of ring she wanted,” he said.

Happiness in his off field life has converted onto the pre-season training paddock with Sims embracing the return of training under new coach Nathan Brown.

“The way Browny is cracking the whip now is exciting to see and when he says jump, everyone says how high,” he said.

“He’s taking a no-nonsense approach.

“Every training session we are pushing and getting better every day.

“It’s a very youthful group and the enthusiasm is really through the roof.”

Stay tuned for more 'off season news' on Knights TV.