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Round 24, 2015 Holden Cup
Date: Monday August 24, 4.45pm
Venue: AAMI Park



1. Charnze Nicoll–Klokstad, 2. Tony Tumusa, 3. Latrell Robinson, 4. Junior Kirisome, 5. Josh Cullen-Minhinnick, 6. Mack Mason , 7. Jake Turpin, 8. Ben Nakubuwai, 9. Connor Donehue, 10. Kurt Bernard, 11. Joe Stimson, 12. Charlie Galo 13. Brendan Frei, Interchange: 14. Aaron Teroi, 15. Jerry Leasi, 16. Jamayne Taunoa Brown, 17. Josh Kerr, 18. Shae Ah Fook, 21. Zion Ioka.


1.  Bryce Donovan, 2. Jacob Gagai, 3. Josh Birch, 4. Fuaimamao Uta, 5. Ken Tofilau, 6. Brock Lamb, 7. Jack Cogger, 8. Josh King, 9. Jack Kelly, 10. Daniel Saifiti, 11. Bradie Smith, 12. Jacob Saifiti, 13. Ben Stone. Interchange: 14. Braden Robson, 15. Roman Fepuleai, 16. Noah Easton, 17. Faitotoa Faitotoa. 

Match analysis:

NYC coach Troy Pezet is looking for plenty of enthusiasm from his young Newcastle Knights when they face up against the Melbourne Storm on Monday night.

The extended turn around has served the side well considering the long travel distance for the Round 24 game.

But Pezet says the fact they will travel South won’t be an issue for the players who are accustomed to long journeys.

“We really need to concentrate on what we need to do, Pezet said.

“This week we’re going to have to be really enthusiastic and concentrate for the two 40 minute blocks.

“Last week we were out of the blocks really slow.

“We need a really enthusiastic start to the game and be able to maintain that.”

With Luke Yates stepping up to play NSW Cup on Saturday, Ben Stone has moved into the side and will add energy off the bench.

“Ben is a notable defender so we are hoping that will stiffen our middle up,” he said.

Meanwhile, Braden Robson is back from injury and Jacob Gagai will appear on the wing.

Where it will be won:

The back five.

According to coach Pezet, the team’s wingers, centres and fullback will need to stand up.

“That’s going to be a really important part for us,” he said.

“Our defence on the edge, having a good start to our sets and I’m confident our forward pack will take over after that.

“Then we need our halves to kick us to where we need to be.”