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In his continued work as a White Ribbon ambassador passionate about preventing domestic violence, Newcastle Knight Clint Newton delivered an interactive Tackling Violence workshop to students at Hunter Sports High on Thursday. 

Former league star Alan Tongue also drove the domestic violence education and prevention program and engaged the students with meaningful discussion and hands-on activitities. 

The group of students watched a confronting educational video which told the true story of a young victim of domestic violence, before being given the valuable skills and tools to make a difference if they, or someone they know is affected by domestic violence. 

"It helps raise awareness about the roles we can play to help stop domestic violence," Newton told Knights TV. 

"It's about giving some of these kids enough tools to feel confident they can understand some warning signs...and have conversations they wouldn't have had before. 

"It's about also knowing who they can turn to if things don't feel right."

Using rubgy league is another method Newton and the Tackling Violence program uses to get the important prevention message out in the community.

"Rugby league gives us a huge opportunity to make a difference and use our sport and profile in the community to make Australia a safer place for women," he said. 

Newton capped off the day with a visit to South Newcastle Football Club as part of the Club's ongoing support and involvment with the Tackling Violence program.

"We're not asking everyone to go on a great crusade and try to change the world, all we’re asking is for people to lead by example and take an interest in the society we live in and be responsible and accountable for your actions," he said.