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Newcastle Knight James McManus bands together with Newcastle rugby league players and officials for the #ShooshForKids campaign.

The Newcastle Knights are supporting the #ShooshForKids campaign throughout early August which aims to promote positive behaviour at junior rugby league matches.

Newcastle Junior Rugby League is holding its first #ShooshForKids round this weekend in an effort to promote positive crowd behaviour at games. The campaign is also backed by Country Rugby League.

The Newcastle Knights want children and officials of all ages who are involved in Rugby League to have a positive experience on and off the field and the ‘Shoosh’ round is a way of reinforcing that.

“It’s an initiative that effects kids who are playing the game, or anyone involved for that matter, be that a coach, referee or spectators in general just going to watch their kids play footy," Newcastle Knights NSW Cup coach and Community Rugby League Manager Matt Lantry said. 

"It’s important that they have a positive experience and hopefully it will creative more positive behaviours for more kids playing footy, both boys and girls."

Across junior rugby league games this weekend, children will enter the field before the game and will turn to spectators and perform a ‘shoosh’ motion to raise awareness about the campaign.  

“I hope everyone gets on board and embraces it for what it is because at the end of the day, particularly our referees, they come under the most criticism, but without them, we just don’t have a game,” Lantry added.

“I’d like to think there’s some good behaviours come out of it.

“It’s great to see rugby league take the initiative to create an environment that’s inclusive for everyone.

“We have a really good relationship with Newcastle Junior Rugby league and the Newcastle Rugby League in general and any time these initiatives are rolled out, we look forward to supporting them.”

The #ShooshForKids Round will take place this weekend (August 8-9) across the Newcastle Junior Rugby League.

  • If your comment is negative - Then Shoosh!
  • If your comment is directed at a player - Then Shoosh!
  • If your comment is directed at a referee or match official - Then Shoosh!
  • Reward good play by both teams with applause, if you can’t - Then Shoosh!
  • Show respect to players and game officials and remember it’s their game – #ShooshForKids