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Newcastle Knights captain Kurt Gidley has expressed his support for interim head coach Danny Buderus as the team aspires to finish the 2015 season on a good note. 

Buderus was promoted from assistant coach to stand in after Rick Stone’s departure on Monday.

“Bedsy is one of the most passionate guys about the Newcastle Knights Club that I have ever come across and I’m so lucky to have played alongside him,” Gidley said about Buderus on Tuesday morning.  

“He’s the right person over the next six weeks to have as coach.

“Bedsy has been a Club great and lives and breathes passion and he showed that when he was playing and certainly I know he will over the next six weeks."

After retiring from playing with the Knights in 2013, Buderus took up an assistant coach position at the beginning of 2015. 

“It’s been a transition period for Bedsy and think it’s been a tough one at times because he retired and went straight into an assistants position which is hard because you’ve recently played with guys,” former teammate Gidley said.

“But I thought what he had to say to us this morning was great and we came out and responded to what he had to say."

After the team’s first training session on Tuesday morning with Buderus at the helm, Kurt was confident in the path and goals set for the team.

“There needs to be a reaction and that’s an attitude thing,” he said. 

While the captain is eager to move forward and make the most of the remainder of the season, he was saddened by the departure of Stone who he respects highly and has built a strong relationship with.

“We were all a bit flat to be honest I think yesterday afternoon after we heard the news,” he said. 

“I spoke to Stoney directly afterwards, he wanted to give me a call and let me know.

“I have had a great relationship with Stoney from his time here when he was assistant coach under Hages (Michael Hagan) and have probably known him the longest. 

“I have had a great relationship with him as a mate and a person and also as a coach.

“It’s been a difficult 24 hours.”

But as soon as the veteran utility was back on the training paddock he was able to gain clarity and perspective. 

“That’s where I feel most comfortable out there training and talking and being a part of a team and in a team environment,” he said.

“By the time I put my boots on and went out there to train, I felt a lot better."

He believes it is also just as important for the rest of the playing squad to have a positive and motivated mindset in order to reach the right results. 

“There’s only one option, to pick yourself up and show some sort of enthusiasm and get out there,” he said.

“There’s no point 30 guys out there this morning quiet and kicking stones and being selfish and think about themselves. 

“We need to get on with that training session and move past that first session and move onto this week and support our coach at the moment, Danny and also Sandy (assistant coach Craig Sandercock). 

“Sandy is a great coach and has a great relationship with the players as well and puts a lot of time into the office and video and trying to help the players improve.”

The Knights take on the Dragons this Sunday at Jubilee Oval.