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Coach Rick Stone expects the Newcastle Knights to take important lessons out of last week’s loss as the team approaches Saturday’s Gold Coast Titans clash at Hunter Stadium.  

While the Knights failed to launch into the match with enough intensity, Stone believes’ it’s an area of the game that’s an achievable fix. 

“As a team we have shown a few good signs after our bye, some good signs against Brisbane and some good signs against Canberra but we haven’t been consistent enough, particularly with our starts,” he said. 

“We have to address that if we are going to win some games. 

“It’s pretty disappointing considering. I think energy wise before the game we were really up for it.

“I really saw that in the warm up and in pre-game.”

Yet it was the first 15 minutes that cost the Knights allowing the Raiders to advance to a comfortable lead.

“We left our concentration behind. We checked our brains out and we really didn’t work together particularly in the defence to start that game,” he said. 

“At the moment, our confidence was obviously down a bit after that start considering there was some really good physical signs before that game.

“Some of our keys players and all of our team have to bring a little bit to the table this weekend.”

Shifting attention to Saturday’s match, Stone said the team looks to welcome back Beau Scott after a week’s suspension following Origin with chances of Chris Houston and Adam Clydsdale also being added as late additions pending their recovery from injury. 

For the Titans, they roll off a Monday night loss but Stone assures the Knights are focused on themselves. 

“Defensively we need to improve and that’s our first port of call,” he said. 

“We need to concentrate on ourselves and some of the key things we need to get done properly. If we can do that, then we give ourselves a chance.” 

A major motivator for the Knights on Saturday lies in the desire to make their Members and fans proud, especially on home turf.

“Our expectations are high and I know we’re not playing as well as we can,” he said. 

“I know the team is hurting really badly considering our fans are looking for a team to be proud of and at the moment that’s something that’s not quite there.

“I promise them if they get out there on Saturday they will see a team with a different spring in their step and someone that’s really motivated and wants to do exactly what our fans expect of us.”