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Passionate Newcastle Knights Member Donna Gould shows off her new red and blue wheels to Korbin Sims and coach Rick Stone.

Newcastle Knights Member Donna Gould has taken her passion for her team to the next level.

She’s customised her new wheelchair to show off her red and blue. 

The chair features shiny metallic red and blue stokes and frame as well as large Newcastle Knights emblem on the back.

Now everywhere she goes people know she’s a dedicated supporter.

“Because I just love them so much, I asked when they came to measure me if it could be done,” Donna explained. 

She’s now thrilled with the result and is set to enjoy the Knights themed makeover for years to come.

Donna is a familiar face around the Club and regularly attends open training sessions at Wests Mayfield. 

Her affection for the team has grown since meeting and getting to know the players.

“They have all been so lovely and wonderful,” she said.

“I love just watching how they train and learn what to do on the field. 

“I also learn things when I watch them."

Donna has been a fan since the Club’s beginning but has ramped up her support since meeting her husband, Scott who has taught her the ins and out of the game. 

“I’m really passionate now because I know what’s going on,” she said. 

“We are always Members. 

“It’s so exciting going to games. 

“I had a flag that belonged to my father, he passed away three years ago. 

“I brought it along to training and all the boys signed it for me. 

“I absolutely treasure it and take it every home game”