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“We have some work cut out for us, but we are looking to get back to the grind and keep doing what we should be doing,” Tariq Sims told the media on Thursday about the Newcastle Knights’ approaching contest against the New Zealand Warriors.

The side views the Round 12 match as a golden opportunity to right the misgivings of the previous week against the Brisbane Broncos.  

“We were bitterly disappointed with our second half performance, so with a strong week of training under our belt we are looking to turn it around against a big New Zealand forward pack,” he continued. 

The 25-year-old admits it will be no easy task given the opposition's line-up.   

“They have Sam Tomkins back this week. He’s a powerful strike weapon for them and they obviously have Shaun Johnson and what he can do with the ball in hand."

The skillful line-up isn’t the only challenge to contend with.

“Every time I’ve been over there it’s been miserable, cold, rainy weather, but I love playing over there, the grass is so green and I love the Stadium, it’s a great atmosphere,” he said. 

“Going over to New Zealand, it’s a tough travel day for us with the bus ride, waiting around, then the flight. 

“We will get in there, do a bit of a training session and will then acclimatise.

“I’m really excited for us to go over there... and put our best foot forward."

The powerful forward says the team acutely understands it’s time for change. 

“We have high expectations of ourselves and it’s disappointing we keep making these schoolboy errors and really shooting ourselves in the foot,” he said. 

“It’s something we don’t want to be known for.

“Sitting back, I can understand the fans are upset and are a bit frustrated with us.

“We are trying our best. We aren’t going out there to lose, sometimes we just over play our hand.

“There are times and moments in the game when we blink and that’s when the other team strikes.

“We are going to make sure whoever is in the team and filling in those positions are doing the best they can.

“There’s a lot of pride in their jersey and we have to turn it around. 

“It’s one of those things we have to dig our heels in and band together.”

The team travel to New Zealand on Friday and are holding an OPEN TRAINING SESSION on Saturday afternoon.