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There were smiles all around for Newcastle Knights’ assistant coaches Danny Buderus and Craig Sandercock as they met for Assistant’s Analysis after enjoying the fruits of the Knights’ Round 10 win. 

“It’s back-to-back weeks Sandy and hopefully it’s back-to-back wins,” Buderus said.

“It’s been a better couple of days here in the office after being under the blow torch last week. 

“It was a win but a win we’re probably not happy with as coaches. 

“But with the players, it’s good to see some smiling faces in the room.”

Sandercock pointed out a big improvement was need to topple the Brisbane Broncos on Monday night.

“How do you think we won against the Tigers? We were the better team on the day but the scoreboard was quiet close. What areas did we do well in?” Sandercock asked. 

“It was defensive energy, the line speed and attitude. If you bring that to most games, the majority of times you’ll win the game,” Buderus said.

“Keeping a team to under 16 points is probably a goal. 12 points, that’s the lowest of the year.

“I thought our kicks were a lot better. 

“When your kicks go to plan and you get a few repeat sets, it gives you the energy to defend.” 

Sandercock added, “It’s our first out of 10 games when we’ve had more than 50 per cent of the footy, so that was pleasing.

“We scored a try from a kick which was also a first for us.”

The Knights have named a shuffled side to cater for a number of injuries in the squad as well as the absence of Beau Scott due to Origin.

“Beau Scott has been selected for Origin again and that’s full credit to him,” Sandercock said. 

“There’s the opportunity for someone to come in. Are there any other changes and who looks like they will come in for Beauy?” Sandercock asked. 

“We have Joe Tapine who will slip into the right edge,” Buderus said.

“Joe is someone that has been groomed for someone that can add a lot to our team. 

“He has a lot of leg speed and biggish guy that is young and skillful. 

“We have thrown him in there and that’s what we want him to do is mix it up."

Both assistants remain wary of a Broncos side spread with young talent who will be firm on impressing in the NRL. 

“It’s a Brisbane team that’s dangerous because a lot of them are in the same boat and get an opportunity at this time of the year,” Buderus continued.

“Around Origin time, that’s their time of the year. 

“They are ready to come down and impress their coach.”

Sandercock believes the side still comes to town with a fair bit of experience.

“Like David Stagg who has won premierships and (Daniel) Vidot on the wing has a strong carry," Sandercock explained.

“It’s not going to be an easy game by any stretch."

So how will the opposition line up?

“I think they have their important positions in their 9, 6 and 7,” Buderus said. 

“They don’t have their one there but Kahu has been playing fullback there for a while before Darius (Boyd) came back and has been playing really well.

“Ben Hunt has been controlling everything there. 

“(Andrew) McCullough is always strong and nifty around that ruck area. 

"They are the important positions we’ll have keep an eye on this week."

“We have a big game on Monday night before Origin, here’s hoping for a few good victories, “ Sandercock concluded.

The Knights host the Broncos on Monday night at Hunter Stadium. Get all of your Round 11 team news HERE.