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Newcastle Knights forward Robbie Rochow is in good spirits and on track with his recovery after undergoing back surgery last month.

“I’m on schedule and am three and a half weeks post operation,” he said.

“I’ve started running this week and everything is going well."

While the 24-year-old is feeling strong enough to return to the field, he’s mindful to adhere to doctor’s instructions to rest and allow his injury the required time to heal.

"It takes that pressure off the nerve so you sort of get a false sense of confidence, all the pain is gone and you feel really good,” he said. 

"I just have to stick to schedule and just take it easy.

“I just have to not push myself too much because I might be back under the knife.

“It’s feeling really good and I’m doing all the right things."

Watching on from the sideline is never easy for the industrious back rower, but he remains positive and determined to regain fitness.

“It’s frustrating,” he admitted. 

“My only job is to play footy and contribute to this team, and I can’t do that from the sideline.

“It’s tough to watch, I’m just wishing for the best and hopefully training is only a few weeks away.

“At the moment it feels like I could just run out and train.

“It’s probably an eight-week recover so I’m half way at this stage.

“I don’t have a target game to return. I’m just going on the basis of what the surgeon says.

“I’ll see him again next week and continue with my rehab, but at the moment, everything is going really well.

“The six-week mark…I’ll start doing a bit more running and some stuff off the ground and lot more contact and change of direction from the six to eight week mark.”