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The thousands of supporters who converge on Hunter Stadium for the Newcastle Knights’ match on ANZAC Day will be met by a spectacular sight on Saturday. 

An enormous structure signifying the 100-year anniversary of the ANZACs landing at Gallipoli covered in blazing red, silk poppies will hold pride of place at the front of the venue. 

The original, unique and dramatic masterpiece will be fashioned by Vesna Grasso, one of Australia’s leading, multi-award winning floral designers.

Vesna, who’s passion is fuelled by a combination of her love for flowers, design and creation is honoured for her work to be featured at such a significant event.

“What we have created is a large, freestanding ‘100 years’ signage to commemorate the 100 years of the ANZAC,” Vesna said. 

“We featured red, silk poppies to commemorate the event. That nice, bold, red colouring will symbolise our appreciation for the ANZACs and what they have done for our country.”

A team of florists will be behind the production and embellishment of the structure, which will be transported and erected at Hunter Stadium on the morning of the game.

“They are individually wired blooms so there’s a lot of workmanship involved to create and fill it,” she explained.

“The structure will be hard to miss towering more than two meters in height and six metres in length."

As supporters make their way into the stadium before the highly anticipated ANZAC Day clash against the North Queensland Cowboys, they are encouraged to take the time to admire the creation and reflect on the sacrifices made by all service men and women. 

“I think it’s a nice thing to take a picture with it before they come into the sporting event because it is so symbolic,” she said.

“With the whole spirit of Anzac, I think it’s a beautiful thing to take a moment and reflect. 

“We always get a wow factor and people are usually blown away. It’s such a standout piece."

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