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Round 6 2015 NYC Holden Cup
DATE: Friday, April 10
VENUE: Remondis Stadium
KICK OFF: 5.15pm

Last time they met:

It was a 22-22 draw the last time the two sides met in Round 18 at Remondis Stadium last season.  


1. Ryan Cummins, 2. Levy Sopi, 3. Monson Paewai, 4. Tuli Leota, 5. Semisi Vea, 6. Jamayne Isaako, 7. Jayden Brailey, 8. Alec Susino, 9. Brad Deitz, 10. Pat Hasson, 11. Anthony Moraitis, 12. Jayden McDonogh, 13. Harrison Muller Interchange 14. Ashleigh Nisbet, 15. Tepatasi Fuiava, 16. Francis Loloua-Tui, 17. John Leger, 18. Zane Walford, 19. Daniel Liddicoat, 20. Thomas Levi.


1. Bryce Donovan, 2. Brody Lam, 3. Josh Birch, 4. Braden Robson, 5. Ken Tofilau, 6. Brock Lamb, 7. Jack Cogger, 8. Josh King, 9. Danny Levi, 10. Daniel Saifiti, 11. Bradie Smith, 12. Jacob Saifiti, 13. Luke Yates. Interchange: 14. Jack Kelly, 15. Ben Steven, 16. Faitotoa Faitotoa, 17. Ben Stone, 18. Fuaimamao Uta, 21. Noah Easton.

Match Analysis:

The key to success in the NYC Newcastle Knights’ Round 6 game against the Cronulla Sharks on Friday evening will be in the side’s ability to perform for the full 80 minutes.

Last week saw the side dominate the first half, but lose grip in the second stanza of the game.

We need them to be mentally prepared to come back on the field in the second half and more focused,” NYC strength and conditioning coach Mick Reid said.

“Half time for some sides is a good thing while for others it’s a bad thing.

“Lately it’s been a bad thing for our guys.”

This week the NYC Knights have been astutely reviewing vision from the game to identify areas to improve when they face the Sharks.

“We are set to focus on edge on edge and our defence,” he said.

While the side is focused on the game at hand, there’s sure to be an urge to earn a victory after last year's clash which saw a late try by the Sharks result in the match being drawn.

“There are still 11 or 12 guys that played in that game last year, which was down there. They scored on the bell, which was disappointing,” he said.

“We led well and they came back at us.

“But we haven’t spent much tome concentrating on them, we just have to fix our own game.”

The NYC Knights are managing a number of injuries that have plagued the team for the last few rounds

“We have a couple of players coming in and a few guys who are in experienced, but we’ll get them up to speed,” he assured.

“It will be good to get a full side together again, until then it’s just a juggling act.

Yet, Reid is confident the Knights will bring their A-game and will come up with the goods on Friday.

“I think that with what we’ve done so far in the first half, we get out to a good lead and hang on,” he said.

“I think if we are a little bit more steel in our defence in the second half then we should get away with it pretty convincingly.

“I think the boys are focused this week and we have the kind of resolve to win.”

Where it will be won:

With the forwards.

“It’s always won in the forwards because they set the tempo and set the defence,” Reid said.

“We are always striving hard to make it easier on our backs.

“When our forwards are going forward really well, it’s a lot easier for our backs to punch holes in the defence and have freedom in scoring tries out there.

“Our main emphasis will be in the ruck and edges, so our backs have the freedom to do what they like to do naturally.

“We have some big boys there so we will look at using them to our advantage.”