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As Members and fans, you may have started to hear about ‘The Newcastle Way’.

After more than six months of internal and external consultation internally and external to the business, CEO Matt Gidley wants to share the philosophy that represents the Newcastle Knights' Newcastle Way.

·       The Club’s over-arching promise is to be an inspiring team with inspired fans.
·       The vision of the Club is a relentless pursuit of premierships and supporters.
·       Resilient, ambitious, courageous and inspiring are the four personality traits of those representing the Club.
·       The purpose is success on and off the field.

“The Newcastle Way is a guiding set of principles, aspirations and values that will ensure the culture of our Club is in line with the expectations of our community,” Gidley explains.

“It's what makes us unique from other Clubs and regions and we are fiercely proud of who we are and what we stand for.”

The Club talked to many different people and organisations before finalising the concept.

“We consulted with a wide range of stakeholders, from members and supporters through to our major partners and community leaders and asked them a range of questions around the characteristics that were important from their point of view, given our Club represents the entire region,” Gidley added.

The staff and players were then presented the one-page document in January.

“It was important everyone within our Club felt ownership of this philosophy as they all play an integral role in shaping the Club,” Gidley said.

“The Newcastle Way will guide the way we engage, recruit, and ultimately play so it was critical all our staff and players contributed to the development process.”

The final, and most exciting part, is informing Members and supporters.

“Our members and supporters are the most important part of our Club and we feel it's important that they understand the Club we are building,” Gidley said.

“It is also important that we demonstrate that we are implementing the feedback they provide to us.

“The Newcastle Way will ensure that the Newcastle Knights and those within the Club are building a culture that represents our region and the values of our supporters near and far.”