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For the Mata’utia brothers, with gleaming futures and endless potential, Newcastle is as good as it gets.

They believe it so much so the young men, aged just 18, 21 and 22 -years old, envisage it as the ultimate place to spend the next three years, as members of the Newcastle Knights.

Sione, Chanel and Pat committed to a further three years with the Knights on Thursday, the Club they’ve played with since their junior football days.

“It’s been a long time coming, we’ve been wanting to seal the deal for a while but certain circumstance sort of held that for a bit,” Sione said following the re-signing announcement.

“It’s a big day for us and it’s another opportunity that we are truly blessed.

“Another three years in Newcastle is another great option for us as well."

For the Mata’utia family, sticking together and supporting each other is important over all else.

As the trio fronted the media on Thursday morning, Sione said that their greatest inspiration, their mother, was a major contributing factor in the decision to remain at the Knights.

“We had a few influences at home through mum, she wanted to stay,” Sione said.

“We signed and are happy here.

“She’s obviously a big reason why we want to stay, I guess she’s going to be over the moon.”

21-year-old Pat is yet to make his debut but has faith his hard work and consistency will attract the attention of head coach Rick Stone.

“Right now I just want to play (NSW) Cup and play well and get some games up,” Pat said.

“Hopefully Stoney sees something in me and I get a chance up there with the boys.”

Although early on their careers, the brothers count plenty of highlights and achievements.

“The debut was a big one with Chanel that was a massive achievement as it was a day we would only dream of,” Sione said.

“It meant a lot to play with Chanel at the back end of the season.

“It’s a big opportunity again with Pat re-signing, hopefully we can all play together one day.”

With boundless depth in the Knights back row, cement themselves in the starting 17 is a challenge.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed of to play NRL, along side all these quality players,” Chanel said.

“From my point of view, I’m still young and being patient is what I’m going to settle with.

 “I believe we have the two best wingers in the game Aku (Uate) and James (McManus) and their performances in the first two round have been outstanding.

“Just for me I have to be patient and work hard and just focus on my footy.

“Anywhere I can play first grade I’ll take my opportunity.”

The same view is shared by Sione who, despite cementing himself as an Australian test representative, humbly hopes to help the side wherever he’s needed.

“At this point in time, me being a winger, fullback and centre, I have a bit of versatility there and can help out where ever I can,” Sione said.

“If I don’t play then I don’t play. I hope to be a regular NRL player and will it take it from there.”

What excites Sione the most about the three years to come is where the direction the Club is moving and the early success already forged by head coach Rick Stone.

“With the juniors that are coming up like Joe Tapine and Jake Mamo and playing with Jarrod Mullen every weekend,” Sione said.

“I guess with Stoney as coach we are really happy, he’s had a lot to do with Chanel and Pat, and Pete in the past.

“We are pretty close with Stoney, I like his guidance and where he’s trying to go with the Club and we want to be a part of that in the future.

“It’s been a tough one but we are finally here and can say we are staying.

“I think the location is another thing that got us to sign the deal, there’s no other place like Newcastle.”

Join the Mata'utia brothers and make your commitment to the Club by becoming a MEMBER today.