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Korbin Sims says the decision to remain at the Newcastle Knights for an additional two-years was a relatively simple one.

Since joining the Club, the 23-year-old has established himself in the Newcastle community and heavily invested in the culture of the Knights.  

“This is my fifth year here at Newcastle and I really enjoy being around the Newcastle community and the Newcastle area. It’s just the best place for me to be at this time, so I thought why leave?,” Sims told the media following his re-signing announcement on Friday.

“I’ve been working really closely with Michael Hagan here at the Club and he’s assured my management team and I that this is the right option, and I agree.”

The Gerringong Lions junior, believes the Club possess a positive environment and expects further success to build on the back of Rick Stone leading the Knights as head coach.

“From day one, as soon as Rick Stone was appointed as head coach again I thought, yes, this is going to be the best thing for the Club,” he said.

“We haven’t brought many players to the Club now, so we’re building our strengths from our base, which is our younger lads coming through, which is what I’m looking forward to.

“It’s just been a different vibe around the Club the last couple of months compared to the last couple of years.”

While Sims’ contract renewal has been in the works for some time, he assures he’s felt no pressure surrounding the decision. 

“It wasn’t really playing on me too much about my contract, whether it was sorted this week, next week or whenever," he said. 

Korbin was joined at the Club at the start of the year by his older brother Tariq, but says his presence at the Club wasn’t a factor when considering his options.

“I don’t think he knew until this morning when (Rick) Stoney said that I’d resigned,” he said.

“It was more about me and my partner Tarin. She expressed to me a while ago that she really didn’t want to leave Newcastle…it’s just the best time for me to resign.

“I’m really happy with the was a smooth transaction."

The Fijian International also said exploring another deal with the Knights was his first priority before considering options at other Clubs.

“My management team did express to me there was interest from other clubs, I just thought, let’s nail down this offer first and things didn’t come to fruition then I would have shopped around elsewhere, but I’m happy with what I’ve done here at the Knights.” 

The Newcastle Knights travel to Townsville on Friday before Saturday's Round 2 match against the North Queensland Cowboys.