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Music is a major part of most people’s lives.

But for the Newcastle Knights it’s is a particularly important element of their training routine from motivating them to push harder in the gym, getting them in the zone before a game or relaxing away from the field.

As the Knights enjoyed some down-time in between sessions after morning training on the field, Nathan Ross caught up with some of his teammates to unearth their personal tastes in music, and the players they think miss the mark. 

“In my group, Robbie Rochow has a good taste in music and always gets it up for a good gym session,” Tyler Randell said.

“There’s a lot of dance music and a bit of techno.”

Meanwhile, Marvin Filipo rates Jarrod Mullen’s choice of tunes," Filipo said.

“He’s got a few songs on his playlist that I listen to all the time.

“All the boys are pretty good.”

Clint Newton enjoys Korbin Sims playlists and reckons he has the dance moves to match his high quality taste.

On the other hand, 20-year-old Jaelen Feeney loses marks in Newton’s eyes for his outdated preferences and limited ability on the dance floor.

For Pat Mata’utia, Randell’s choice of country music in the gym was not a favourite as he prefers techno and hip-hop.

“He busted out his country music and he’s never been on ever since,” Mata'utia said.