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"Photo: Paul Barkley / Melba Studios "

Three teens attempted to break into Kurt Gidley’s house at around midnight on Friday.

“It was a frightening experience, especially having a young family,” Gidley explains, who had wife Brooke and his two young daughters in the house.

“After seeing the intruders open the front door, I made a quick decision to chase them up the road and managed to catch one of them.

“I then took him to a nearby house and called the police. The police were great, they arrived quickly to where I was and they also caught the other two intruders.”

The 16-year-old intruder visited Gidley a day later to offer an apology.

“The kid’s dad actually explained he had always been a good kid, but in the last year he has had a few issues,” Gidley said.

“He was embarrassed but it was good he came around to apologise.

“I hope he learns a good lesson out of it and makes better life decisions from here.”

Gidley has appreciated the additional support he and his family have since received.

“A lot of people have been in contact to make sure we are okay,” Gidley added.

“We were shaken by the intrusion so appreciate the support we have received.”