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The Newcastle Knights are excited to be a proud partner of Run Newcastle again in 2014.

Newcastle Knight Robbie Rochow visited the adolescent ward of John Hunter Children’s Hospital on Wednesday with fellow Run Newcastle ambassador Allie McGovern to spread the word about the event and visit patients.

Run Newcastle is all about providing the best possible healthcare for the youth of the community.

100 per cent of Run Newcastle registration costs goes straight to the redevelopment of the adolescent ward at the hospital.

Rochow is familiar with the adolescent ward from regular community visits with the Club and is passionate about improving the lives of young people. 

“This year I was really keen to get on board. It’s a great cause," he said. 

“It’s really about improving the facilities for adolescents and to improve their time here."

Rochow made his way through the ward chatting to patients and their families and bringing smiles to many spending time in hospital. 

For some the stay is for a few days while others can be for months. 

“It’s tough to see some of the kids struggling and know how long that some of them have been in hospital, you really feel for them," he said. 

“Just to be able to put a small amount of time into this, and know it’s going to make a difference is a really good feeling."

Rochow said he won’t be the only Knight to throw his support behind the worthy cause.

“A lot of the other boys have already put their hands up, and are keen to get on board, so it will be good to run with a fair few of the players,” he added.

Run Newcastle ambassador Allie McGovern knows first hand the difference money raised from the event will make to the lives of patients on ward.

Earlier this year, the 14-year-old suffered burns and recieved treatment on ward over a number of months.

“I’ve been looking around the ward and think this will make people feel so much brighter, it will make it seem more fun instead of being bored," she said. 

Paul Widseth, nurse unit manager for J2 ward at the John Hunter Children's Hospital believes money raised from the event will enable a vast improvement to the facility. 

"For those who come to the ward, it’s pretty bland in main and wasn’t designed for adolescents," he said. 

"What we are trying to do is make it really adolescent focused and make it somewhere that it’s not so rough to be.

"Hospital is not somewhere you want to be and we are trying to make it a little bit friendlier.

“It’s always great to have the Knights come up, it makes the kids day so much better and makes them feel special and they get to meet their idols.”

Run Newcastle takes place on Sunday November 30 and includes a 12km run, a 6 km run and a 6km family walk.

To register or find more information about Run Newcastle Click HERE.